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Search Engine Optimisation in Google

With the amount of consumers using the internet increasingly growing, more companies are seeing the importance of having an online presence. Therefore, in order to maintain a competitive advantage you need to create a highly professional site which is user friendly and perfectly portrays your company message.

First step

Before you set up your website there are two things you should think about:

Your content and how your visitors are going to find your website.

Often people will set up an online presence and think thatís the job doneÖ. However, there is no point in having an online presence if visitors canít find your website. After all, if you canít be found, you canít compete.

The average consumer

When you use the internet to find a service or a product you will often use the search engines whether it is Google, Yahoo or MSN. Do you personally ever look past the third page on the search engine results? The average consumer doesnít. Therefore, if your website is not search engine optimised you are facing the possibility of losing out on lots of potential clients.

Optimisation techniques

Search Engine Optimisation is the techniques used and implemented into your website to ensure it is just what the search engines are looking for. By ensuring your website is search engine friendly it can improve the volume and quality of traffic to your website.

There are two main types of Search Engine Optimisation: organic search engine optimisation and Pay per Click (sponsored links). Both can be effective ways to get your website into those top pages on the search engines for different reasons. Organic SEO is seen as a long term approach and PPC is seen more as a short term approach that can be very expensive. At IT3.com we would always advise you to ensure your site is optimised for organic rankings however, in certain circumstances we would advise you to use PPC. This is usually the case for new businesses to help their site get recognised sooner in the search engines.

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